10 Uses For Basil Oil

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Basil herb has of course been used as a food flavouring and in traditional medicine since ancient times. The Romans used the herb extensively and are believed to have grown the plant in the South of England. But you probably don’t know that there are many other ways to enjoy Basil. Below are 10 uses for this wonderful herb.

  1. Digestion: Basil essential oil is also used as a digestive tonic. Since basil oil has carminative properties, it is used for treating indigestion, constipation, stomach cramps and flatulence. It provides immediate relief from the gas in your stomach and intestines. It is also colic and therefore is used for bowel pain.
  2. Cold: Basil essential oil is effective in providing relief from cold, influenza and associated fever. Due to its antispasmodic nature, it is used in cases of whooping cough.
  3. Respiratory: Apart from its usage in cough, it is used for asthma, bronchitis, and sinus infections too.
  4. Infections: Basil oil is good for treating a variety of infections such as; cuts, wounds, skin infections, bladder infections, etc., due to its antibacterial properties. It is also good for viral infections.
  5. Stress disorder: Basil essential oil has a refreshing effect and hence it is used for treating nervous tension, mental fatigue, melancholy, migraines and depression. Due to this calming nature of basil essential oil, it is widely used in aromatherapy. If used regularly, it gives mental strength and clarity.
  6. Blood circulation: Basil oil improves blood circulation and thus helps in increasing the metabolism.
  7. Pain relief: It is analgesic and provides relief from pain so it is used in arthritis, wounds, injuries, burns, bruises, scars, sports injuries, sprains, headaches, etc.
  8. Eye treatment: It is ophthalmic and can relieve bloodshot eyes.
  9. Anti vomiting: Basil essential oil can be used as an anti vomiting agent in motion sickness and many other vomiting cases.
  10. Insect Bites: Basil essential oil is also a good treatment for itching from bites and stings from honey bees, insects and even snakes. Other uses include curing motion sickness and vomiting.

Important Note: Basil essential oil and basil in any other form should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding or nursing women.

John Gerard in his (revised) 1633 Herbal, quotes a Latin writer Simeon Zethy as saying “the smell of Basil is good for the heart and head. The seed taketh away sorrowfulness which commeth of melancholy, and maketh man merry and glad”.

I currently have a client who is receiving relief from arthritis in her hip. She rubs the blend on each night before bed and then again in the morning before she starts her day.

How do you like to use this oil? I’d love your feedback. Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site!

For those of you who love John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, you will understand “Basil is in the soup”.

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